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A little history

In recent years, my artistic journey has led me to explore various mediums to design t-shirts and accessories for my family. Gradually, I invested in the tools necessary to create these pieces from A to Z. In 2021, I made the decision to share my talent with a wider audience by launching this online store. Equipped with a state-of-the-art cutting machine and a sublimation printer, I design images that I cut or print, then carefully transfer them to a varied range of materials available on our site. All my suppliers are based in Quebec, and sometimes even in Ontario, thus guaranteeing local quality to my creations.

However, my passion does not stop there. When I work with glass and wood, other fascinating mediums come into play, but that is a story in its own right.


Today, my product range has expanded to include a selection of beauty and wellness products, from shampoos to soaps to candles. I strongly encourage you to discover them.

My imagination being limitless, I aspire to share my creations with you and invite you to let your heart speak by offering customizable gifts to your loved ones. Whether it's unique t-shirts, original coasters, creative cards or anything else that piques your interest, I'm here to bring your ideas and desires to life.

Customize your products and let them speak for you.

Small shop in the west of Montreal, I am open to everyone artistic suggestions.

Creation and imagination have no borders!



Thank you for your interest... we'll be with you shortly.

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Where are we

Roxboro-Pierrefonds (Qc)

Tel: 514 293-8605

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