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Newsletter of the month

We are delighted to welcome you to our newsletter, your regular source of information on the latest news, events and updates to our site. Every month we'll keep you up to date with exciting new stuff, special offers and exclusive content we've prepared for you.

Discover in preview the products or services recently launched on our site. Be among the first to hear about exciting developments and improvements we're making to provide you with an even better experience.


May Newsletter


A break for March and April with a big return for May

The month of March blossomed with promises and new ideas, like a garden awakening after winter. In this whirlwind of creativity, seeds were sown, concepts took shape and plans were drawn. Spirits came alive, nourished by inspiration and passion, ready to give birth to new projects.

April arrived like a wind of change, bringing with it the momentum needed to make these plans a reality. The days have stretched, providing more time for action and achievement. Ideas matured, discussions intensified and teams mobilized. Every day was an opportunity to progress, overcome obstacles and turn dreams into reality.

Together, March and April were a time of transformation and growth. They saw the birth of new horizons, new collaborations and new opportunities. Every moment was a step towards accomplishment, every challenge was overcome with determination. And now, as we turn the page to the months ahead, we take the fruits of our labor with us, ready to continue building and innovating.

Discover the projects we have put together for you during this period of silence and share your impressions with us.

Coeurs suspendus

February Newsletter

Newsletter fev_edited_edited.jpg

Discover our latest craftmenship!

Dear lovers of comfort and craftsmanship,

We are delighted to present the latest additions to our artisan collection, where comfort, style and quality meet harmoniously.

Hand-sewn pajamas:

Immerse yourself in a cocoon of softness with our hand-sewn pajamas. Made with high quality fabrics, each piece is unique and made to offer you ultimate comfort during your moments of relaxation.

Leather products:

Let yourself be seduced by the timeless elegance of our carefully created leather products. Whether it's a handbag or a wallet, each item is designed to last and to add a touch of refinement to your style.

Epoxy resin creations:

Explore modern art with our handmade epoxy resin creations. February's new products focus on furniture where art and modernity combine with a uniqueness that will seduce you. Each object is a unique work of art, created with passion and attention to detail.

Don't miss the opportunity to purchase these unique and authentic pieces, which add a touch of luxury to your everyday life.

Warm regards,


January Newsletter


A little well-deserved rest

2024 has already arrived and after the excitement of the holidays, Shop à Karo is taking a well-deserved moment of rest, recharging its energies to better surprise you.


However, behind closed doors, we are working with passion and dedication to prepare new experiences and discoveries to brighten up your daily life.

Stay tuned, as exciting new features are in the works. Whether you are a lover of fashion, decoration or small everyday pleasures, the Shop in Karo has concocted something exceptional to satisfy all your desires.

We can't wait to reveal these unique surprises to you which, we are convinced, will delight you. Continue to follow us and be ready to discover the treasures that the Shop à Karo has in store for you for this new year!


December Newsletter

Shards of Art and Christmas Magic: A look back at the Last Exhibition of the Year at the Craft Fair

The excitement of this year's craft fair left behind a wave of creativity and inspiration, marking the end of a season rich in artistic discoveries. The brightly colored aisles, stalls overflowing with unique creations and the palpable energy of the artisans transformed this event into a true celebration of local crafts.

Over the weeks, the craft fair was the scene of a multitude of exhibitions which highlighted the exceptional talent of the region's creators. From works of abstract art to breathtaking sculptures and artisan jewelry, each stand was an invitation to discover the unique know-how of these passionate artists.

Visitors had the chance to delve into the creative world of each exhibitor, making unique connections with artisans and appreciating the meticulous work behind each piece. The warm exchanges and enriching meetings created a friendly atmosphere, conducive to the discovery of often little-known local talents.

As the holidays approach, the last exhibition of the year was the prelude to an even more festive period. Preparations for Christmas began to take shape through the stands decorated with sparkling garlands and festive objects. The artisans revealed their new creations, specially designed for this magical time of the year.

The enchanting smells of Christmas spices mixed with lively conversations, creating a very special atmosphere. Visitors were able to find unique, handmade gifts for their loved ones, bringing a touch of authenticity to their celebrations.

Looking back, that final exhibit at the craft fair was an unforgettable experience, blending art, creativity, and the festive spirit of the season. As the craft fair lights dimmed for this year, the excitement and joyful anticipation of Christmas took over. The artisans, with their boundless passion, have left an indelible mark on people's minds and have contributed to making this season a truly magical time.

This year's craft fair will remain in our hearts as a celebration of art, creativity and sharing, setting the stage for the festivities to come. The magic of Christmas is slowly settling in, and with it, the hope that the new year will bring even more artistic discoveries and opportunities to celebrate the richness of our artisan community.

As the Holidays are approaching, la Shop à Karo would like to wish you the very best Christmas and may 2024 be extraordinary.

Newsletter of November

Participating as an exhibitor in the craft market is an exceptional adventure full of magic. This participation came from my desire to share my unique handmade creations with those looking for authentic and special holiday gifts.

The period preceding these markets was particularly intense, especially since I have been present every weekend of November and the first two weekends of December. Between creating new parts, managing inventory and preparing the stand, each day was a race against time. But throughout this process, I felt a positive energy and growing enthusiasm, propelled by the prospect of presenting my work to a celebratory audience.

On these special days, the atmosphere was electric. All the merchants had animated their stands with colors and sparkling lights. A multitude of visitors were present there, looking for unique treasures. My meticulously designed stand attracted attention with its original handicraft creations.

What made these experiences truly special was the interaction with visitors. I shared stories behind each creation, explained the techniques used, and exchanged ideas with passionate craft enthusiasts. The joy people felt when discovering handmade gifts for their loved ones during the holidays was palpable, and it added a warm, human dimension to the event.

Now I am preparing for my next market which, as you can imagine, will be just as successful and original.


Reflecting on these experiences, I feel more inspired than ever to continue creating and sharing my love for crafts with the world. These special moments before the holidays taught me that crafts are not just about material objects, but also create lasting connections and memories. I'm already looking forward to participating in new craft markets and continuing to spread the magic of handmade creativity.


Newsletter for the month of October

My first experience as an exhibitor at the craft fair in September was a memorable and enriching adventure and I am happy to have taken the plunge. I was both excited and nervous to share my creations with the public.

The preparation was an exciting process in itself. I spent weeks creating new pieces, perfecting my techniques and making sure everything was ready for the big day. The morning of the fair, I was filled with anticipation, wondering what to expect. Once I set up my booth, I realized I was sharing space with other talented artisans, which inspired me.

The day was a succession of exceptional meetings with curious visitors interested in my work. I was able to chat with them about my creative process, my inspiration and the passion behind each of my creations. Selling my items has been a rewarding experience, but the most important thing has been sharing my passion with others.

I also learned a lot during this first experience. I understood the importance of presenting my stand, communicating with customers and time management. I also took note of visitors' comments and preferences to help me improve my products in the future.

Building on this first positive experience, I am impatient to participate in my second fair craft, which will be held in November. I am creating new unique pieces and improving my booth to provide an even better experience for visitors. I also look forward to meeting up with other artisans and continuing to grow my network in the local craft community.

In conclusion, my first experience as an exhibitor at a craft fair was a success on a personal and professional level. This gave me the confidence to continue sharing my work with the public. I can't wait to see what the next craft fair has in store for me and continue to grow as a crafter.

See you soon!

of September

Pleasure Time: Discover Our New Treasures!

Welcome to a world of sophistication and fun, where time becomes a work of art and precious moments are celebrated. At the Shop à Karo, we are proud to present our latest collection of elegant and entertaining products. Explore with us and find treasures that will brighten up your daily life.

Magnificent Clocks: Look up and discover our exceptional clocks, fusing style and function. Each clock is a centerpiece of design, combining time precision with timeless elegance. Admire the dial that blends seamlessly into any decor, a touch of class for your home or office.

Winning Strategies: Game lovers, rejoice! Our new range of board games includes classics like chess, with a modern twist. Showcase your strategic intelligence and challenge your friends and family in memorable games. The hours passwill happen without you realizing it.

Unique Bookmarks: Lose yourself in fictional worlds with our artistic bookmarks. Each bookmark tells a story in itself, with captivating illustrations and inspiring quotes. Turn each page into an adventure and mark your readings in a way that reflects your personality.

Don't let time pass without enjoying these treasures. Explore our complete collection. Join us in the quest for refinement and entertainment. At the Shop à Karo, we transform every moment into an unforgettable experience.

Craft Fair

of August

Dear arts and crafts friends,

We are delighted to invite you to the Fall Craft Fair, where creativity meets authenticity. This exciting event will take place on September 9, 2023 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Anglican Church of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, and we are proud to announce the participation of La Shop in Karo, your favorite destination for unique and remarkable handicrafts.

🌟 What awaits you at our booth:

🎨 An enchanting collection: Discover carefully crafted pieces that reflect the very essence of art and creativity. From exquisite jewelry to on-trend accessories to captivating home decor items, each piece at La Shop à Karo tells a unique story.

🤝 Meet the craftswoman: Karoline, the talented designer behind La Shop à Karo, will be there to share her inspiration and expertise with you. Get exclusive insight into the creative process and ask all your questions about techniques and materials.

🎁 Unique Gifts: Find the perfect gift for your loved ones (or yourself!) from our special Craft Fair selection. Each item is an expression of love and genuine craftsmanship.

✨ Exclusive Offers: Take advantage of special discounts and limited offers available only during the Craft Fair. This is the perfect opportunity to discover the hidden gems of La Shop in Karo at exceptional prices.

Join us at the Craft Fair and immerse yourself in a world of creativity, craftsmanship and emotions. Be part of this unique celebration of art and join us at the La Shop kiosk in Karo.

Follow us on Facebook for live updates, product previews and special announcements before and during the event.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover exceptional artisanal treasures and support local art. We look forward to welcoming you to our booth!

And stay tuned for the next fairs... because La Shop à Karo will be exhibiting its products on several occasions between now and December. The dates will be revealed soon.

Atelier de bijouterie

Our jewelry

July Newsletter

The Shop à Karo launches into jewelry

Handmade jewelry is individually created and handcrafted pieces. Unlike mass-produced jewelry, our jewelry is crafted with care and attention to detail, making it unique and distinctive pieces.

These jewels offer a wide variety of styles and designs and allow us to express our creativity by using different techniques, materials and color combinations to produce unique and original pieces.

We use an epoxy resin technique, which have become popular due to their translucent appearance and glossy finish. Epoxy resin is a liquid polymeric material which, when mixed with a hardener, hardens to a solid form and is a transparent substance.

Several combinations are possible with epoxy resin including casting, which consists of pouring the liquid epoxy resin into a mold or a predefined shape. There are also inclusions, which are objects placed inside the resin before it hardens, like dried flowers, leaves, shells, beads, pieces of fabric, sequins or any other decorative elements and several other types of embellishments.

These techniques offer a wide variety of possibilities for creating unique and personalized jewelry in epoxy resin. This substance gives the opportunity to experiment with different materials, colors and techniques to achieve creative and aesthetically pleasing results.

In summary, handmade jewelry offers a unique and authentic alternative to factory-made jewelry. Their creativity, their quality, their attention to detail, their sentimental value and the support they give us as artisans make them special and precious pieces.

Père et enfants

Fathers Day

June Newsletter

Father's Day is a special day dedicated to celebrating and honoring fathers and their paternity.


In North America, Father's Day will be celebrated on Sunday, June 18. This special day is an opportunity for children and families to pay tribute to their fathers, to express their love, gratitude and appreciation for all they do. Children can give gifts, greeting cards, prepare special meals or organize family activities to celebrate the day.


Father's Day is also an opportunity to recognize the importance of the role of fathers in the lives of their children. It is a time when we highlight the qualities and responsibilities of fathers, as well as their positive impact on the lives of their families.

Take the opportunity to order your items today and don't forget, it takes five days to finalize your images, texts and complete the required printing.

Contact us at

Happy Father's Day !!!


papillon broderie


We are delighted to introduce our brand new collection of embroidered clothing! We have worked hard to create unique and elegant designs that will add a touch of originality to your wardrobe.

The embroidery is done by hand with great attention to detail to ensure a top quality finish.

So don't miss the opportunity to get one of our unique embroidered clothing!



After creating designs for t-shirts, mugs, bottles and so on, I started creating wellness products that are made entirely of natural products.


Shampoo:Made with natural ingredients, the artisanal shampoo is made from coconut or almond milk. One of the benefits of using a homemade shampoo is that it's often free of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances that can be irritating to the scalp and damaging the hair. The artisan shampoos are also made in small batches, which means they are freshly produced.


Soaps: Handmade scented soap offers several advantages over commercially produced soap.


Natural ingredients: Handmade scented soap is usually made with natural ingredients such as essential oils, herbs and vegetable oils, which are better for the skin than synthetic fragrances and chemicals found in soaps likecommercial.

Candles and Candles:  A handmade natural candle is made using natural ingredients and is scented with essential oils or other natural fragrances. artisan candlesare usually made in small batches, allowing for greater attention to detail andto quality control.


Beeswax candles have a naturally sweet scent. Beeswax has a natural honey scent that is released when the candle burns. These candles also have a higher melting point than soy wax, which means they burn longer and more intensely. It is also environmentally friendly!


Beeswax contains no chemicals, making it an all-natural, renewable, and sustainable ingredient.



One of the main advantages of soy wax is its material. Soy wax is a completely natural product and has no impact on the environment. It is also a renewable resource, which makes it sustainable and responsible. This means that soy candles are environmentally friendly as they do not contain any petrochemicals.


Another benefit of soy candles is their ability to diffuse scents. Soy wax has a high fragrance load, which means the candle releases more fragrance into your room as it burns. It also gives off stronger scents than beeswax candles. Soy candles have a downside, however: they don't burn as long as beeswax candles due to their lower melting point.

Distributed March 15, 2023

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